Corrupted Media Thriller Opening


Evaluation Question 5

I have learnt many things about technology and how to use them before and whilst creating our product, thriller opening.

WordPress: A website which allows one to blog. I was new to this as I had never used it before but did recognise it when I heard about it. This was the most important software that was used throughout the media studies coursework as it contains my whole foundation portfolio. Everything piece of work that was completed was uploaded onto this site. This site allows you to upload images as well as Microsoft office documents such as PowerPoint. Though I was new to WordPress, I was able to use it with ease as it has a similar UI compared to Facebook in which I am very familiar with. Embedding codes was new to me, I had to embed our thriller opening from YouTube to WordPress. I have learnt that this is a new way how our work will be marked as usually it would be printed off. This shows how technology has changed.

Camera: This was used to record and film our thriller opening. I was not very good with a camera since I do not really use them as much, but throughout the process of filming, i had learnt a lot. although i did know the basics of using one, which to me is just snapping a shot and zooming in or out. The main thing i had learnt about cameras was the positioning ourselves to take the best shots to get the best outcome. In some cases we were not in a good position, where the scene was darker than before, but with better positioning we overcame that problem.


Garage band: This is a Mac OS software which is used to create sounds or even music. This software was completely new to me and I had never used to Mac product. Using this software at first was like hell as the UI of it was extremely confusing, frustrating and the mouse only had ONE BUTTON! However as the time using this software increased, I began to get use to it. I was able to create a piece with my partner which turned out to be pretty successful. Overall, the experience wasn’t very pleasant but I still learnt a lot about this. For example, I managed to learnt how to create sounds via importing our foley sounds and mixing it with the default GarageBand sounds.


Final Cut Pro: This is another Mac OS software in which we had to use to edit our thriller clips. This was another software in which i was new to but knew about it. this is because popular YouTuber’s  use to edit their videos. When i first used it, which was for the preliminary task,  it was not as easy to use due to its frustrating UI. However after that, I started to get use to it. Just from using this software, I learnt many things such as importing the clips onto the macs so they are ready to edit. I also learnt how to add effects to the clips allowing it to create more suspense.

Netflix: This is a website which is used to watch films on. I have been familiar with this site for a long time as I have been a regular user for a couple of years. I used this site mainly for my thriller research, looking at the opening of thrillers and analysing the Mise En Scene, camerawork, sound and editing. This gave me and my group ideas in which were used in our thriller opening.

YouTube: This is a website which is particularly used to streaming videos. I used this for two things. Firstly, this was used for my thriller research. By using this, this gave me examples of other thriller in which I can analyse. This website also helped us find a non copyright background song which was played in the background of our thriller opening. Though this is a website that I’ve been familiar with since a young age, but I never knew how to upload a video. I had to upload the thriller opening to YouTube in order for me to have it on my blog. This is a new skill I gained as I was able to simply share this video just by simply uploading it to my blog using an embed code.

Prezi: This is a presentation software which is on the internet which I used to upload one of my evaluation on to my blog. This allowed me to make a interactive presentation for my task. This was a software I was completely new to and never heard of it untill our teacher mentioned it to the class. I was very happy with the outcome of this however I couldn’t get it to embed onto my blog, WordPress. This is because WordPress and prezi uses different type of coding which did not allow me to embed it so the only option I was left with was by copying and pasting the link.

Evaluation Question 4

Gender: The audience in which our thriller opening may attracts are dominantly males than females. This is because males are usually into thriller films where they contain some violence and mysteries. Females are usually into to those romance films, e.g. Titanic (Yes, I’m being stereotypical).

Location: As this thriller opening is a 12A, this is obviously targeted at teenagers between the ages of 12 and 22. I am saying this because our opening is set in a school, where most teens in Britain are during the day. Choosing this location as a group made us think that this could attract the audience this film is targeted at.

For this evaluation question, me and my group decided to interview another group. We came up with series of questions that we asked the other group. This video was very helpful as it has told us what is good, for example, as had Sabna said that the shots we had used such as establishing shots made it look good and made it come together very well. what could be improved. However, on the bad side, it was mentioned that the background music was too loud in a way that it wouldn’t really fit the thriller genre.

This video was privately uploaded to YouTube and embedded here.